Insider Tips: DIY Staging

Preparing your home for sale can be a daunting task.  And it can be expensive!  By the time you’ve paid the kennel to keep your pooch out of sight, had a cleaner through, and planned for Toronto’s notorious land transfer tax, you could be in the hole tens of thousands.  

But putting up an messy or unclean listing can cost you just as much when it comes to the sale price.  Think of it this way: buyers like new, clean things.  Like hotels, and new shoes.  They don’t love cat litter and pasta noodles in the sink.

How does your home or condo stack up?  Chances are, potential buyers will be touring all the homes in the neighbourhood, including staged new builds and new condos, complete with builder showroom.  Take a tour of your competition (other listings nearby) and ask yourself honestly how yours stacks up.  

If you have chosen not to hire a professional stager (not to worry, we won’t be offended!) there are many things you can do yourself to get your place market ready.  


We all live with so much “stuff” it seems that we can’t contain it all in the space we have.  An overflowing closet is a sure sign to a buyer that there isn’t enough storage!  Don’t top them off that you are moving so you can get a larger walk-in closet.  Reduce the contents of your place so that it seems there is ample room for everything!  


It’s all in the details.  Your washroom may look clean to your eyes, but consider a hotel.  Hundreds of people have stayed in the room before you, but to each visitor, it seems clean, fresh, and new.   And please please please, remove your personal toiletries and clean out the drain.  No one wants to think about your dirty hair while they are shopping for their dream home!


Many times, we don’t bother with decorative accessories, because, lets face it, they’re not for everyone.  But if there was ever a time to pepper your place with some colourful, fun accessories, this would be it.  You want your place to seem warm, inviting, and aspirational.  You aren’t just selling a home.  You are selling a lifestyle.

If you would like a hit-list on what specific things you can do to get your place market-ready, feel free to book a DIY Consultation with one of our talented designers.  A little elbow grease may even be enough to get your home listed as one of Blog TO's or Toronto Life's House of the Week!