Home Staging Check List: 6 Easy Steps to Stage Your Bedroom


You walk into a home you are thinking about buying.  It’s a great layout, beautiful garden, totally turn-key.  Until you walk into the bedroom.  There’s a mattress on the floor, rumpled sheets, and a couple of tired looking pillows.  Is that. . .  could that be. . . are those . . . a couple of stray pubic hairs on the rumpled bedspread?!  Suddenly, this beautiful new (to you) house is looking less and less like your fairy-tale home, and more like a bad episode from the early seasons of Sex and the City.  You walk out, feeling like maybe the home wasn’t so clean.


This happens every day.  But it won’t happen when you list your home for sale. . . because you know better.  You know about home staging.

Follow these SIX easy steps to get your bedroom looking hotel-glam:


  1. New sheets.  Crisp white sheets go miles.

  2. An impressive headboard.  TIP:  Impressive doesn’t mean oversized.  It means nice-looking, memorable, and fitting to the space.

  3. Steam or iron your duvet cover.  With all the HDR photography happening in real estate photos, every wrinkle shows.

  4. Add decorative pillows.  The decorative pillows should be tasteful and minimal in number (max 3).  You can add a complementary throw to the end of the bed but keep it simple.  

  5. Clear off the side tables.  It’s ok to leave a couple decorative items, but your Radio Shack alarmclock should be ditched, pronto.

  6. Lighting!  Make sure you have two appropriately sized side table lamps, with working bulbs.  Lighting is key, especially if you are listing in the winter months, when the sunlight dwindles in the late afternoon.

The most important thing to remember is that your bed must be appropriately sized to the room.  If you are in a 600 sq ft condo, downsize your king sized mattress!  

And if you are still confused, ask your realtor for help or call for a Staging Consultation.  Any one of our talented designers would be happy to help you out!