Everyone Loves Before & Afters

It's almost like an addiction to HGTV makeover shows, combined with celebrity gossip.  Who doesn't love seeing worst case scenarios, made over to stunning results?!  Plus, when you get a sneak peek inside someone else's house, you often realize your own tupperware drawer isn't all that bad.  

Small condos can seem even smaller than they actually are, especially when they are full of oversized furniture too much stuff.  

We went out to see this downtown Toronto condo last summer.  The owners knew they had work to do, and spent the winter preparing for sale.  This included new flooring, painting throughout, new baseboards, and new furniture. 

This lovely client followed our advice and the results were stunning!  

TIP: whether for home staging or decorating for life, less is more.  Avoid filling the space with furniture.  Use strategic storage solutions, such as closet organizers, bed sets with drawer units, and storage ottomans for keeping the clutter at bay. 



STAGED BY: Michaela Burns

To Stage or Not to Stage

It is a common question: what is the value of home staging?  Home staging can mean many different things, to many different people.   To most realtors and homeowners, it just means putting away your personal belongings, cleaning the pasta noodles out of the sink, and leaving the dog at a friends house during the open house. 

Not so.  

Over here at Modern Staging | Spaces, we truly believe home staging is the best way to showcase the best features of your property.  When it comes down to it, you are not just selling a condo or a house, your are selling a lifestyle.  A well staged property should feel aspirational (as in, everyone who walks in the door loves it and wants that life!) as well as attainable (warm, inviting).  Staged homes sell faster, for more.  

So how do we do it?  

First, minor repairs or renovations.  If you're tired of the original vanity and dingy contractor grade paint, chances are buyers will shy away from those things too.  Is the layout awkward, with a too large hallway or a too small living room?  

Appropriately sized furniture with a cohesive design plan, set in the right place can show how to use even the most confusion of spaces.  

And finally, paint.  A fresh coat of paint makes all the difference in the world.  Don't skip the baseboards, they count.   The results speak for themselves. 

This Toronto condo had a gorgeous view of the city and lake, 2 huge bedrooms with ensuites, an office, and two parking spots.  The location was minutes from downtown.  It sat on the market for six months, unsold. 

It was re-listed with a new realtor, and sold within 7 days for So what changed?  

We removed the heavy, dark furniture and started with a blank canvas.  We changed the layout and flow of the furniture, in order to showcase the spectacular view. The bedrooms were staged with luxurious looking bed sets, and the living room was styled with a lighter, more elegant looking furniture.  The colours stayed light and neutral.  We left lots of open space, so the condo felt roomy and bright.  Home Staging is more than just putting furniture in a vacant condo.  It's about showcasing the best features of a property by using a carefully curated selection of furniture and accessories.  It's about knowing what the optimal layout is.  It's about having a sense of style, and translating your vision to an inspiring experience for potential buyers.