We are: motivated, happy, creative, timely.

You are:  detail oriented, great with clients, organized, and a fab designer. 

Email or call us.  647 268 0521


The Details:  PT contract work, daytime availability with flex hours.  Most of our work happens during the day.  But sometimes, clients can only see us in the evening, and we accomodate our clients schedules.  


Design Love: The Beginning, Middle, and The End

Design Love: The Beginning, Middle, and The End

Have you ever wanted to hire an interior decorator, but not really known what to ask or how to go about?  Don't know what to expect? 

First, we meet with you to determine your needs.  How can we help you?  

Next, we discuss the space.  How is the space used?  Who uses it? Kids? Adults? Entertaining? Homework? Reading? 

We also discuss budget.  How much do you want to spend?  Please don't be typically Canadian, and say, "well, you know. . . we hadn't really thought about it".  

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Design Love: We Need Your Vote!

We had previously worked with this client on home staging for the sale of her condo.  When she came to us for help with her new penthouse in the sky, we were thrilled to take on the project with her.   

The brief was to create a mature, yet cozy space that would be great for the couple to lounge in. They like raw materials and selected barn board flooring as a developer upgrade.  Too much wood can be, well, woody, so we opted for natural materials and shapes to add texture and interest.  

We showed our client the boards last night and she loved them all.  Help her make the right choice: submit your vote in the comments below or tweet to @modernstagingca