Laura Dobell speaks with BNN's Greg Bonnell about the benefits of home staging.

Last week I connected with BNN's Greg Bonnell to discuss the benefits of home staging.  We discussed our process, touched on some examples of quick sales, and talked about how to delicately ask clients to remove the brown corduroy couch.   Curious?  You'll have to watch the video to find out more!  Click here to see Modern Staging | Spaces founder and Creative Director chat it up with Greg.  


Design Love: Quick & Easy Living Room Make-Over

Design Love: Quick & Easy Living Room Make-Over

You just moved.  

You have a couch, which you spent a whole months earnings on when you got your first job.  

That has to stay.  

There's the coffee table you love. . . how do you take these simple peices, and turn them into a dream-worthy living room?

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