Insider Tips: Optimizing Track Lighting In The Kitchen

We've all seen it.  You walk into a kitchen and it seems. . . dull.  Often, it's an easy fix.  As simple as re-directing the lighting. 

Older condos tend to have track lighting in their kitchens.  It can look hideous, but be very effective at lighting the kitchen.

1) Increase the number of heads in the track.  Make sure to check the manufacturer's specs to ensure you don't exceed the maximum number of bulbs per fixture. 

2) Direction.  We often live with our lights angled off into random directions.  Angle the heads so the lighting hits the counters and polished appliances.  Reserve one or two heads to light up any walking space.  

3) Colour.  Choose warmer hued bulbs, rather than blues.  Anything in the 2700 range for colour temperature.  

If you need additional assistance, don't hesitate to contact a home staging expert for professional advice.