Design Love: DIY Design Boards

Redesigning your home can be a daunting task.  Where do you start and how do you get that pulled-together designer look?  

Follow these 9 easy steps to your own designer look. 

We will cover basic measurements in our next post.  Don't forget to measure everything before you make your purchases!  

1) Get a visual on your existing finishes, such as flooring and paint colour. 

2) Find your inspiration.  What do you want the room to be about?  We often start with wallpaper or a piece of furniture we absolutely love. 

3) Select the largest piece of furniture in the room.  It's the piece you will see the most of, so you have to love it.  

4) Add complementary items. There should be repeating materials or styles here.  Don't go too off script, or your room could end up looking like a mish mash of different objects.  

5) Choose your colour theme. Furniture typically comes in wood or neutral colours.  The time to drive home your colour theme is in the decorative accessories, paint colour, or custom upholstered pieces. 

6) Add lighting.  Don't skimp out here.  Lighting can make or break a room and that costco lamp that your mother gave you just won't fly.  Good lighting can be pricy, so prepare yourself for a little sticker shock before you shop. 

7) Add window treatments.  Consider how you will use the space, what your objectives are, and what your maintenance habits are.  If you are planning a bedroom, consider blackout blinds.  If the room gets hot, consider lined cellular blinds for temperature control. 

8) Pull the look together with the perfect rug.  Rugs are the last thing to be purchased.