Insider Tips: Everyone Loves Staging Before & After Photos

It's almost like an addiction to HGTV makeover shows, combined with celebrity gossip.  Who doesn't love seeing worst case scenarios, made over to stunning results?!  Plus, when you get a sneak peek inside someone else's house, you often realize your own Tupperware drawer isn't all that bad.  Here's one project that went from cluttered and dark to bright and stunning...

Small condos can seem even smaller than they actually are, especially when they are full of oversized furniture and too much stuff.  

We went out to see this down-town Toronto condo last summer and provided a full condo staging consultation.  The owners knew they had work to do, and spent the winter preparing for sale.  This included new flooring, painting throughout, new baseboards, and new furniture. 

This lovely client followed our advice and the results were stunning!  Here are some more photos so you can see the rest of the condo

Click on photos to see them full size)

TIP: whether for home staging or decorating for life, less is more.  Avoid filling the space with furniture.  Use strategic storage solutions, such as closet organizers, bed sets with drawer units, and storage ottomans for keeping the clutter at bay. 



STAGED BY: Michaela Burns